Company Profile

  Wuhan Front Industrial Equipment Technology Co., LTD is located in Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. It is an integration of high-tech enterprise for metallurgical special detection equipment and automotive engineering.   Since its foundation, the company has been focusing on the metallurgical market and been committing to the development of detecting technology and innovation. By means of technological innovation and independent research and development, our company has had sublance series products of converter, temperature measuring probe, ...

Product center

  • Coke oven waste coal waste heat recovery technology

    The waste heat generated by waste gas in the process ...

  • Converter sublance system

    The sublance system is an effective tool to measure the temperature of steel water with a start when the converter is continuously blowing in a vertical state.

  • Continuous casting vacuum tundish technology

    The tundish is an important equipment for continuous casting production. The temperature of molten steel in the tundish directly affects the smooth process of continuous casting, which is an important guarantee for the quality of continuous casting billet

  • Temperature measuring element series

    At present, domestic and foreign steelmaking enterprises are from the control ...

Customer Case

Shandong Laiwu Iron and Steel Group Yinshan Steel Co., Ltd.: 4 # continuous casting machine breakout prediction; put into operation in May 2008