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Wuhan Font Industrial Equipment Technology Co., LTD is located in Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. It is an integration of high-tech enterprise for metallurgical special detection equipment and automotive engineering.


Since its foundation, the company has been focusing on the metallurgical market and been committing to the development of detecting technology and innovation. By means of technological innovation and independent research and development, our company has had sublance series products of converter, temperature measuring probe, bleed-out prediction, X-ray thickness gauge and casting blank surface quality detection, also obtained national patent. Look to the future, our company will continue to integrate industry resources and deem the technical challenge to conquer metallurgical industry as our own duty to aim at providing advanced technology products for the industry and constructing the internationalizing enterprises with core competitiveness.Our company thermocouple, oxygen and temperature probe, immersion sampler have exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and so on.


  Our company firmly holds the operation philosophy thatLimited resources share with infinite science and technology’. It holds the principle to provide users with the most efficient service, the most professional technical support and the most optimal principle that conforms to the users’ needs to achieve the maximum satisfaction of the users as the goal.


Front company is mainly young and middle-aged scientific and technological strength.more than 85% of employees with college education.The company always  has been committing to the development of technology and practicing for energy saving and emission reduction.By means of technology innovation and independent research and development,our company has been successfully implementation of coke oven riser heat recycle projects.