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Coke oven waste gas waste heat recycle technologyCompany profile
Coke oven waste gas waste heat recycle technology

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Benefit Analysis of Waste Heat recycle and Utilization of Waste Gas
Efficient recycle of coking waste gas during the process of waste heat, is saving energy for coking enterprises. Building direction and potential for creating green coking、saving energy ,also is the one of main way to reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency.
Reduce the coke process energy consumption: tons of coke to reduce the energy consumption of 10.16 kg standard coal.
Emission reduction benefits: 6 meters coke oven with an annual output of 1.1 million tons of coke calculation, can produce 110,000 tons of steam, equivalent to 11,000 tons of standard Social benefits: the rising tube surface temperature from 200ºC down to about 50 ºC, reduce the radiant heat, reduce the coke oven roof space ambient temperature, improve the roof workers operating environment.
Waste gas waste heat process flow chart

Front structure water jacket recycle
Waste gas waste heat system diagram

System Features:
  The device has three new technologies of seamless alloy, nano and self-cleaning materials.
 Heat exchange device material selection of high temperature, wear-resistant corrosion-resistant alloy materials.
  the inner tube of the riser tube is the whole structure, the high temperature is formed and the whole is seamless.
  with nano-materials and self-cleaning materials, the inner surface of uniform and smooth.
  Special heat insulation moisturizing material to ensure that the heat transfer effect and the riser tube surface temperature is reduced.
  The riser tube has three functions for leak-proof, anti-break graphite and anti-lock tar.