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The core of the plug in the thermometer tip. Negative lead are used to compensate the type, that is, the corresponding compensation wire material, it is divided into SC (RC) type, BC type and WC3 / 25 type. Platinum rhodium 10 - platinum (platinum and rhodium 13 - platinum), platinum and rhodium 30 - platinum and rhodium 6 and tungsten rhenium 3 - tungsten rhenium 25 rapid thermocouple.


Temperature Tip: mainly used for metallurgy, foundry industry rapid temperature measurement. Connecting micro thermocouple, temperature gun, compensation wire, the second instrument, the formation of temperature loop, transmission temperature signal.


Using the corresponding type of compensation wire positive and negative, the use of high-tech welding leads to lead wire, without soldering, excluding the third component to improve the accuracy of temperature measurement. Insulation part of the polymer materials, heat 200 degrees, and the use of integrated injection molding, positioning accuracy.