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Temperature determination of oxygen (TO) probe

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Oxygen temperature probe fixed oxygen probe FRONT-TO oxygen products

At present, domestic and foreign steel-making enterprises are from refining crude steel products, turning fine steel smelting direction. In the smelting process of fine steel, steel oxygen fixed oxygen monitoring and control technology has been rapid development. Application of oxygen and oxygen content in molten steel control and other parameters, for ensuring and improving the quality of steel products, reduce steelmaking costs and improve economic efficiency, shorten the smelting time and increase production, energy saving and development of new steel, has a positive Practical significance.

FRONT-TO oxygen control head is mainly used in the end of the converter, smelting AOD stainless steel technology, electric furnace, RH vacuum station, argon blowing station, ladle, continuous casting tundish and other process temperature fixed oxygen, carbon, aluminum and other parameters Monitoring and control.

FRONT steel oxygen fixed oxygen products with a high rate of measurement, good reproducibility, fast response time and other advanced technical features. The test parameters can correctly reflect the metallurgical laws, is a measurement and control of oxygen content of molten steel and other parameters of high-tech products.

Design principle of FRONT-TO oxygen control head product

FRONT-TO oxygen control head products are mainly composed of the following components: zirconia batteries, rapid thermocouple (S or R or B indexing), paper tubes, thermocouple compensation wire.

FRONT-TO technical parameters of oxygen products

(1) Measuring range: molten steel temperature: 1100-1750 ℃

           Oxygen potential: -300 to +300 mV

           Oxygen activity: 1-1000 ppm

(2) thermocouple wire: in line with GB / T18034-2000 standard

(3) Oxygen cell: (-) Mo / Cr + Cr2O3 // ZrO2 (Mgo) // a (O) Fe / Fe (+

(4) thermocouple accuracy: 1554 ℃ +4 ℃ (pd point)

(5) Response time: oxygen battery: 3S

Thermocouple: 2-3S

The whole process of measuring oxygen: 8S or less

(6) Measurement rate: 98%

(7) Specifications: Diameter: 38mm Diameter: 18mm Length: 1300mm

(8) Product packaging: 25 per package

(9) Product storage conditions: temperature <40 ℃, relative humidity: <75% RH

 Product code

product name

FRONT Product code

Product code description

Measuring fixed oxygen probe



FRONT: Central Plains Electronics; TO: measuring fixed oxygen probe

1300: product length (mm); thermocouple graduation number: S / R

FRONT-TO temperature determination of oxygen control head products steel-making technology site

FRONT-TO oxygen products are mainly used for various types of steel-making furnace, ladle, electric stove, tundish and other steel-making technology sites. Oxygen control head in different steelmaking process in the measurement and control of oxygen content, control the amount of deoxidation agent added.






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