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FT-TSC-S(R) Sublance Probe

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The probe has the following three functions: temperature measurement, sampling and carbon. The blow time is calculated by the sttic control model. When the amount of the oxygen blow reachs 80%, using sublance probe to insert into the molten steel, the probe can quickly and accurately measure the steel temperature and molten steel solidification temperature, and the computer will process data processing and calculate the carbon content . According to the measured molten steel temperature and carbon content in liquid steel, it can modify the static model and realize the implementation process for dynamic control. Meantime, the probe provides a sample for analysis. Using FT - TSC - S (R) Probe, which not only can improve the hit rate for steelmaking, but also can shorten the smelting time, save raw materials and reduce labor intensity.

Technical indicators:

1. The dimensions:

Length: L=2000mm; OD probe tube (outer diameter): 80 mm; Description: the probe structure size can be designed according to users’ requirements.

2.Thermocouple wires

Thermocouple wires material: Pt10%Rh/Pt

Accuracy: 0±0.5at 1554 ℃(Pa melting point 

Measuring range: 1540  ~ 1750

3.Thermocouple wires for carbon determination

Thermocouple wires material: Pt10%Rh/Pt

Accuracy: 1554  at Pa Point  0±0.5

Measurement  range: 1540  ~ 1750

Response time: 1 ~ 15 s

Measurement rate: 98%

Sample box specifications: Bat sample  or Dual thickness sample (customized by the customers’ requirements)