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FT-TSO-S(R) Sublance Probe

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The FT-TSO-S(R) Sublance Probe measures steeltemperature,determines active oxygen and provides a sample for analysis without interrupting the steelmaking process.  According to the steel temperature and active oxygen determination at the end of blow, the carbon content can be calculated accurately, based on the C-a(O)relationship.Furthermore,a pre-calculation of he required amount of deoxidant(Aluminium)during tap can be given .Combined with the analysis of the in-blow sample,the temperature measurement and the oxygen/carbon measurement may lead to a decision to quick tap the heat.


Technical indicators:

1The dimensions:

Length: L=2000mm; OD probe tube (outer diameter): 80 mm; Description: the probe structure size can be designed according to users’ requirements.

2Temperature thermocouple

Thermo wires material: Pt10%Rh/Pt

Accuracy: 1554  at Pa Point  0±0.5

Measurement of liquid steel temperature range: 1540  ~ 1750

3Oxygen cell

Range of EMF: 0~+300mv

Repeatability: 2mv at 1600

Response time: 1 ~ 10 s

Measurement rate: 98%

Sample box specifications: round sample box or thickness sample box (customized by the customers’ requirements)