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Breakout Prediction System

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In continuous casting process occurring in all kinds of accidents, damage is the most serious steel leakage accidents.According to the material division : Adhesion of steel leakage is the main process of production in the form of steel leakage, occur most frequently, most harmfulness, accounts for the breakout of the total number of 70 ~ 85% . The meniscus damage is the direct cause of sticking type breakout, The influence of the slab breakout factors: pouring temperature,performance of protecting slag, the molten stee composition, casting speed, Mould level fluctuation, taper and a vibration device and the measures of cracks of billet shell. Breakout Prediction System is a kind of temperature change which can be collected by the analysis of the distribution in the mold wall thermocouple. By its shell burst and extension, so as to detect the trend of bleed-out and alarm devices.