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Job Requirements:

1, college degree or above, 3 years sales experience or more than 2 years of industry sales experience;

2, quick response, strong communication skills and communication skills, good sense of teamwork and the ability to perform, can endure hardships and stand hard work, there is a certain degree of compression capacity;

3, love the sales work, can work independently, to adapt to long-term business trip.


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Job Requirements:

1, male, 25 ~ 35 years old, secondary education or above, automation, electronics, mechanical and other professional graduates;

2, More than 2 years working experience in industrial industry, hard - working;

3, hands - on ability, strong sense of responsibility, with a good sense of team;

4, subject to work distribution, to adapt to long-term travel.


Contact information:

Tel: 027-86701336 027-86701371

Fax: 027-86701337



Company Address: Wuchang District, Wuhan City Friendship Avenue Plaza, Block A1, 16th floor